My-Serious-Game has all the in-house expertise needed to create a tailor-made digital learning: from initial ideas to post-launch training marketing, from storytelling and game design to graphics and technical development... Our talents cover the entire production chain to deliver the very best training courses!


As the primary client contact, our consultants act as conductors for your projects. They will orchestrate their conception/production without missing a beat. And more than that: they are proactive, solution providers... They position themselves as true advisors and partners, rather than just service providers!


Derived from the world of video games, game design applied to professional training imparts it with markers of attractiveness and engagement, maximizing learner attention and information retention. This department focuses on designing the overall structure and rules of the game, and ensuring their coherence. While for the user, the solution must combine pleasure, commitment, and ease of use, the game designer must combine precision, rigor, open-mindedness, and creativity.


Finding the best media approach, the most suitable graphic style for the content and storytelling, and the best one to convey information: these are the challenges our art department tackles daily. Whether it's in 2D, 3D, video, animation or UI Design, they bring life to your training courses!


Our multidisciplinary team masters all the technologies required to offer you the most suitable development for your needs (3D simulations, virtual and augmented reality, mobile applications, artificial intelligence, interoperability with other tools, etc.). Our vision: technology is not an end in itself, but an opportunity to help you meet your training challenges.


Our instructional engineers are true experts in the field of teaching: they have mastered andragogy, heutagogy, Bloom, Kirkpatrick... but what sets them apart is their audacity and creativity! So, let them take you off the beaten track and dare to innovate in storytelling, for captivating and impactful training experiences...