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My-Serious-Game’s Box will enhance the digitization of face-to-face training with the power of the xAPI technology.

From its tablet, the trainer acts as the master of the game: he launches content through projection and / or a tablet and runs exercises or quizzes. Learners in the same classroom can interact with the trainer, but the real innovation lies in the fact that they are now able to play with each other in a digital environment, by sending clues or laying traps for other learners. The trainer can track their progress in real time. He is aware of every action, decision or behavior of his trainees for an optimal analysis of their progression and influences the course of the training accordingly.

All you need is our multi-device and multilanguages plug-and-play box, tablets and a projector. All the content, interactivity and the projection interface is designed by My-Serious-Game. The system works in total independence of the internet network. The box is able to connect to your LMS, import and host the training sessions wherever you see fit. It can be completed with exercises created on the go and dispatched to up to 40 learners on their own electronic devices so that they can play with or against each other. The collaborative part of our solution is the key that makes us different from our competitors, allowing us to create to most powerful training experiences.

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